Let us provide the best cinematography for your next project. Using the essential & latest equipment for every job. Recording the highest quality HD Video, we tell stories through MOTION. We are a full-service cinematography company; we can take your project from an idea to its final output.

DCF Cinematography

Every move… a picture. DCF Cinematography uses the Panasonic AF-100 camera allows us to use an expansive variety of lenses. Rest assured, knowing that the highest quality optics and the most appropriate lens for each shot will be obtained! We use polarizing and haze filters as needed, with or without a matte box; and with our rail mounting capabilities, Cinematography Lenswe can safely accommodate nearly any size lens and follow focus. If your production or video project requires an even greater resolution or special in-camera speed effects (extreme slow-motion), we will easily find and employ the camera that suits the needs. No problem! Our experienced Cinematography can produce a wide range of projects with camera types for your budget need. Our in house production equipment can provide most any commercial project, for high end budgets we can utilize 10bit cameras and lens on the spot. We have used camera such as RED, Arri Alexi, Sony FS700, and Panasonic F900. We capture the media (footage) externally (via SDI) using the Samurai BLADE recording device, which practically allows picture editing to begin just after the camera has cut! (1920 x 1080p ProRes 422 10-bit quality image from 12 – 60fps, 29.97fps (30p) standard). Cinematography ArriWe also have a Panasonic AG-150 with a fixed zoom lens, and a handful of GoPro cameras (5). Whether the camera is attached to a tripod, pushed along a length of track on a dolly, Boomed up and down on our twelve-foot Jib arm, steadily maneuvered through a location with our GLIDECAM rig, mounted on our Manfrotto FigRig for quick action oriented shots or used simply Hand-Held… we will find a way to give the imagery in the frame the movement and quality that is of paramount importance. Let us tell your story with the best cinematography on the market!

Cinematography FigRig

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