We Are Here To Serve You. That’s right, every DCF producer has Years of experience in all aspects of production and is here to serve you. We will work with you to determine the most effective presentation of your project.

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From the inception of ideas, through writing and pre-production – to shooting, editing and publishing the show in a multitude of formats… you get what you pay for! Trina ProducerA DCF producer can wear many hats, first and foremost is to develop the viability of each project. Knowing where the money is and how to save it. Taking an idea to implementation stage is where the producer is at his or her best. At Dark Corner Films we have all phases of the producer in hand. 1) Developing an idea or story. This is where decision are made, sometimes very hard decisions for the writer , director and producer. The producer role is the most important when developing an idea or story simply due to the sheer number of great ideas. But the question is how many of those ideas materialize into a final product? That’s the tough part, and its the producer main focus is figuring out how to make it happen altitude producer 2) Locations, where to shoot a project is a big question that needs to be answered. We at DCF take great pride in knowing our state. South Carolina has many opportunities for projects to be shot: Urban areas, small towns, mountains, and the beach. 3) Talent, we are plugged into the community to find the best talent for any role. We as the producer are also keen at getting people to perform at a high level. 4) Budget, the most important part of a producer’s life. Utilizing all of the skills to stay on and within budget is the most important job.

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