Video Editing & Motion Graphics

With our 64-bit Video Editing & Motion Graphics post production workstation, we can streamline the workflow of your project in a confusion-free environment!

DCF Video Editing & Motion Graphics

With our 64-bit DCF Video Editing & Motion Graphics incorporates sound and special graphic elements with remarkable efficiency, making full use ofSoftware Video Editing & Motion Graphics
Apple’s Final Cut Pro suite as well as Adobe tools including Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop. From performing green-screen or other chroma Keys, to animated text and titles, to color-grading and applying color or texture styles and looks to the original camera footage… we have the required experience to make the post-production process effective and enlightening! Video Editing & Motion Graphics has come a long ways since the days of linear film editing. Each project relies on the video editing as much as the actual field production. We have embrace the post production revolution by investing in the newest and latest editing equipment. The new MacPro is a real treat to work with, there’s fast and then there the new MacPro. We have been pushing this computer to its limits with motion graphic and 3D programs.

Mac Video Editing & Motion Graphics

The new Final Cut X has also been a challenge as well. The old Final Cut 7 is a reliable well known program that we used and loved. So it was very difficult to make the change. Final Cut X has shown many strengths not available in the previous versions, being able to handle more formats and creating new ways to access your video libraries has been a very welcome change. We currently use the Adobe Creative Cloud as well. This cloud software give us access to all the adobe editing products. This is useful because most motion graphics projects are editing in After Effects. With all of the new software we can produce the final version or multiple versions of your project to work in practically any format…

FinalCut Video Editing & Motion Graphics

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