Grip & Electric

Grip & Electric Lighting is a necessity; the attention in the details and the time that may take are both part of the notion we hold to: The lighting needs to be great.

Grip & Electric Lighting

C-stand Grip & ElectricOur lighting equipment totals over 4500 Watts of illumination, and when additional light is required, we can simply procure them without delay. With our substantial amount of Grip equipment, we can modulate or shape the existing light in order to accomplish a superior image. Providing and Shaping Light is the essence of a quality production. Our Grip & Electric department takes the time to give our clients professional standards on every shoot. Today’s lighting packages are very different that just ten years ago. Many companies rely on post lighting effects, we chose to take the time and pre-produce each scene with the proper lighting… its more work, but in the end its worth it! We also have many products such as the Glide-Cam, FigRig, dollies, and the custom made Matrix bar to provide dynamic camera moves.

What Is Grip & Electric

Mole Lighting Grip & Electric

Many people ask… what is grip & electric? Well you can look it up here (grip & electric) In our company the definition is pretty much the same. The terms and definitions in this department are almost as important as being able to use them. Films students around the world learn these definitions on the first day.. as they should. On a set with 30 people and someone tells you to grab a “baby plate” you’d better know the terms. Now back to our grip & electric department, we have a new grip truck that allows us to move to any location the client requires. This truck has been a huge leap forward for our productions and helps us provide the essentials of grip & electric.
GlideCam Grip & Electric

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