HD Video Production

Dark Corner Films is a HD Video Production company located in Greenville, South Carolina.

DCF HD Video Production

DCF HD Video Production is the complete package. DCF is experienced in Documentary, Narrative, WEB, corporate, industrial and music videos. Every move… a picture, in the HD video production world every move is a building block in creating the most effective picture. At Dark Corner Films, we create an environment were each move is creative and efficient. Short HD Video Production. Bryan,Ryan & KrisFinding a HD video production company is a difficult process, clients want things like reliability, cost effectiveness, and creativity. Rest assured, DCF is all of the above and more. We know that the fly by nights trends in HD video production can be alluring but most clients(business or creative) need a company they can trust. With the skill and know how to get the job done. In a world with so many choices in HD video production equipment knowing the right tool for the right job is essential. Each job stands on it own. That means the skill we provide is not only in the field or editing booth but in pre-production. Greenscreen HD Video ProductionFinding the right tools for the job saves time and money, and in our experience, clients really like that. Also in the pre-production area, we are great a great resource to develop your ideas and visions. Whether ad agency, feature production, or corporation we have the skill and expertise to create a HD video production that will meet your needs. Please contact us to bid on or help develop your project. Its what we do!

How we capture the image:

2 Panasonic AF100 with multiple lens packages. (We Rent 10bit when budget requires ie..RED/ARRI ALEXA)
1 Samurai BLADE- Monitor and Capture Device- 8bit and 10bit
6 Go Pros- 1, 3 and soon to be 4
Miller & Manfrotto Tripods
GlideCam X-10 with Vest
Fig Rig and 12ft jib
Full Grip and Lighting Packages

How we Edit

Newest MacPro 3.5ghz6Core Intel Xeon E5
Final Cut X and Adobe Cloud Service
RedGiant motion graphics
Logic and Sound Tools
M-Audio monitoring

In Studio Production

Our Skills