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We are equipped to handle the capturing of sound for any size production, from the simple interview to the more complex dialogue scenarios with six people speaking at once!

DCF Sound Design

DCF Sound Design records quality audio in the most distant and windy locations, or in the quiet controlled environment of the studio.M-Audio Sound DesignA projects mark of success can be measured in Sound Design. A simple visual can become terrifying, thrilling, joyful, or sad with the right bit of sound or music. Our company is more likely to take real sounds and apply them to projects vs. pre-recorded sound effects. Both are effective but we prefer to record our own sound when possible. Recording dialogue is also a complex task… which to use, boom or lavalier? We have found that both have merits and deserved to be considered. Exterior with a lot of background noise, lavalier… in a controlled studio, boom it! There is always lots of choices to make in finding the right sounds or music… We can create scores or purchase pre-recorded scores, budget and time restraints usually come into play, each project is always a little different. Our years of experience in Sound Design puts us ahead of competitors, simply put, we find and create the perfect sound for your project.

H6 Zoom Sound DesignVarious degrees of recording fidelity are easily selected using the H6 ZOOM Digital Audio Recorder, from 16 bit audio at 44.1kHz to 24 bit audio at 96kHz! Great sound is additionally achieved with the use of great microphones: Sennheiser and Rode unidirectional mics, XY & Mid-side microphones and Sennheiser & Sony wireless lavalier microphones are all part of our Sound arsenal! We mix and master all of the sound using a Logic-based Digital Audio Workstation. We also have access to large music and sound effect libraries.

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