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Dark Corner Films is a HD Video Production company located in Greenville, South Carolina.

About Our HD Video Production

Dark Corner Films was created with a passion for storytelling and HD Video Production then soon realized that many opportunities existed to expand our skills and talent. We know that any innovative movie, video, or product starts with the idea.  We develop that idea whether an outline, script, or storyboard into high quality productions. Our company’s steady growth came from the ability to manage technology, identify audiences, and lead efficient productions.   Video technology is changing everyday and we know it is essential to be tuned into the latest advances in film and video.   We have built relationships with company’s to give us the tools to stay ahead of the curve but all the while employing the foundations of high quality visuals and storytelling. Creativity and attention to detail is our trademark. Dark Corner Films has produced full-lengthed documentaries, narrative, music videos, broadcast commercials, TV shows, web videos, industrial, and legal videos.   Please contact us for your next HD Video Production project and let our experience work for you!

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HD Video Production

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