Video Production Rentals

Dark Corner Films is a HD Video Production company located in Greenville, South Carolina that offers a variety of video production rentals.

Dark Corner Films not only provides full service video production but offers a wide variety of video production rentals. All items rentable from DCF has been field tested and proven. If your project is in need of grip, lighting and camera support we have a wide inventory to choose from. Rental requirements vary according on type equipment being rented and proof of insurance is required. Please contact us for a quote.


Joker 800/400/kits

MolePar 200 Kit(dimmable)

LTM 200 Fresnel(dimmable)

LTM 2.5k/4k with Magnetic Ballast

Rifa w/egg crate 1k/500k

Rifa 250k

Mole 2k open face w/doors

Mole 500w softbox

LTM Peppers 200w/400w

Mole Teenies 600w open face – 650w

Desisti Cosmobeam kit 3x 600w open face w/ stands and case

Lowel kits- 3x totas 1000w -3x omnis 500w / stands

Mole Baby 407 1ks

Mole Junior 2ks

Kino Flo Gaffers Kit 2x 4×4 banks with ballasts, Tung/Daylight

Kino Flo Parabeams

Ikan Kit with 3 Bi-Color LEDS with Sony V-Mount
Grip and Modifier Equipment

(Please Request Full List)
Camera/ Camera Support

Sony FS7

Panasonic AF100

BlackMagic URSA

Atomos Samurai Blade

Ronin Camera Stabilizer

KC12 Kessler Crane

Black Bear Doorway Dolly

Dana Dolly

Manfrotto FigRig

ProPlus Chimeras

OctaPlus 5 with Joker Universal SpeedRing

Miller 30/ Manfrotto Tripod

Zoom H6 Handy Recorder

Sennheiser Shotgun ME66

Sennheiser / Sony Wireless Sets


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